Alexandre Nicolas

Bio / Alexandre Nicolas

Born in 1970 in Toulouse, France

Lives and works between Paris and Toulouse.

Well-known for his inclusions in synthetic crystal, Alexandre is a sculptor directly affiliated to pop culture.

Alexandre found a privileged material in casting resin, a form of synthetic crystal that makes it possible to suspend time. He interprets myths, perverts them and presents them, cast in an inclusion. Thus the object floating in resin and at the same time captured by technology is offered to our critical point of view, showing us a mirror of our consumer society.

Between humour, sarcasm and a critical approach, he uses symbols to question the observer on his or her own imaginary world, fantasies and values.

His surgically precise work stands out against any form of discrimination and invites the spectator to reflect on notions of race, nature, mutations and power. 

Exhibitions / Alexandre Nicolas


2012 : Darwin, Sao Paulo, Brésil
2012 : Memento Mortem, Galerie Roger Castang, France 

2011 : Versus, Docks Art Fair, Galerie AD, Béziers, France

2010 : Les Prédestinés, Absolute Art Gallery, Brugges, Belgique

2009 : In woman I trust, Galerie Jonas, Bruxelles, Belgique
2009 : IN and OUT, Galerie GHP, Toulouse, France
2009 : Les Prédestinés, Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris, France

2008 : Poules de Luxe Chic Chik, Galerie Xavier Ronse, Lineart, Gent, Belgique

2007 : Le Jeu, Galerie AD, St’Art, Béziers, France



2012 : Art Paris Art Fair, Louise Alexander Gallery et U-ART, Paris, France
2012 : Lille Art Fair, Galerie Xavier Ronse (Belgique), Galerie Roger Castang (France), Galerie AD (France), Lille, France

2011 : Art Elysées, Galerie AD, Paris, France

2010 : Taipei Art Fair, Asian Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 : Art Paris, Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris, France

2009 : Art Elysées, Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris, France

2008 : Art Elysées, Galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris, France
2008 : St’Art, Les Prédestinés, Galerie AD, Strasbourg, France 



2011 – 2012 : Musée de la Halle St Pierre, “Hey ! modern art & pop culture”, Paris, France

2010 – 2011 : International Ink Art Biennale of Shenzen, Shenzen Fine Art Institute, China
2010 – 2011 : Cité des sciences, “Les nouvelles façons d’avoir des enfants”, Parc de la Villette, Paris, France
2010 – 2011 : Que Nuages…, Musée de la résistance Jean Garcin, Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, France

2009 – 2010 : Animamix, Biennale internationale, Musée d’art contemporain de Taipei (MOCA Taipei), Taiwan