Alexandre Sirvin

Bio / Alexandre Sirvin

Born in 1979 in Paris, France

Lives and works between Paris and Venice.

Alexandre has fun on the border between reality and imagination, transcending disciplines in order to offer hybrid and playful narratives mingling art and architecture. His work questions the identity-related, territorial and intimate practices of our post-industrial societies. 

His involvement in deprived urban areas of major cities is at the origin of various public projects: ECOBOX, for instance, a participative interface area in the La Chapelle area in the 18th district in Paris, but also exhibitions and an urban regeneration study commissioned by the City of Paris in the La Défense business area, in partnership with Lenoci-Guzzardi architecture agency.

He is one of the co-founders of the 1980 project, based on interdisciplinary practices and using various languages during interventions.

Alexandre is now back with a personal production, related to a reflection on the architect’s subconscious, on heterotopia (a term invented by French philosopher Michel Foucault and referring to “different spaces” in which utopia becomes possible) and other fantasies


Exhibitions / Alexandre Sirvin


2012 : “Waterpod”, Lot 10 Gallery, Belgium

2010 : “Arcadie”, Le Lawomatic Gallery, Paris, France

2009 : “Matériaux composites”, LJ Gallery, Paris, France

2007 : “Learning From la Défense”, Raymond Moretti Space Center, La Défense Paris, France



2011 : “Fernelmont Contemporary Art”, Fernelmont Castel, Fernelmont, Belgium 

2010 : “Super Ordinaire”, Galerie Voskel, Paris, France
2010 : “Take me Out”, Halle St Pierre, Paris, France
2010 : “Croyances” Chapelle des Arts et Métiers, Paris, France 

2009 : “Né dans la rue”, Fondation Cartier, Paris, France
2009 : “C’est bon d’être méchant”, Live Painting Performance, Champs-Elysées, Paris, France
2009 : “Cabinet des curiosités”, La Blanchisserie, Boulogne-Billancourt, France
2009 : “Slick”, Art Fair Paris, France
2009 : “Cutlog”, Art Fair Paris, France

2008 : “Kitch Catch”, Maison Folie de Wazemmes, Lille, France
2008 : “Acrobatic”, Pure Evil Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2008 : “La Defense Eclaire le Grand Paris”, Urban research with Lenoci-Guzzardi Studio, 11th international Biennal of Architecture, Venice, Italy

2007 : “Spray Gunz”, Design workshop with Marti Guixé, Faltwersalon, Trieste, Italy

2006 : “Festival Architecture Vices”, Magasins Généraux, Paris, France

2005 : “Objet Public”, Urbn Design Exhibition, Papillon de l’Arsenal, Paris, France

2004 : “Do I Youself”, Workshop/Exhibition, Beaux-Arts of Geneva, Switzerland

2003 : “Archi-Coutures”, Exhibition of student project, Chapelle of Sorbonne, Paris
2003 : “Utopia Station”, 50th Biennale of Venise, Italy