La Fratrie

Bio / La Fratrie

Born in 1978 and 1981 in Le Quesnoy, France.

Work and live in Paris.

The two brothers behind “La Fratrie”, Karim and Luc, work together to create fascinatingly precise and evocative sulptures, which question Man in his relationship to his environment. Thanks to the formal and graphic precision of suspended miniature islands and meticulously constructed sculptures made of multiple materials, their creators become the craftsmen of a world that is utopian in the strictest sense (originally “utopia” means “a place that doesn’t exist).

Their aerial rocks each constitute a whole world, an illusion uprooted from the place it originally came from. These unique and complex fictions introduce mostly allegorical narrative scenes which are also authentic reflections on the briefness and frailty of human life. 

Exhibitions / La Fratrie


2012 : Scope Art Fair Basel 12, Artaban Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

2012 : Salon Maison & Objets, Sélection de l’Eclaireur, Paris, France
2012 : Collective Show, Valentine de Badereau Gallery & Nuke Gallery, St Barthelemy

2011 : Montparnasse Museum (solo show), curated by David Wizmane et Jean Digne, Paris, France
2011 : “La Fratrie into the wild” (solo show), Wild Gallery, Paris, France
2011 : Génération Polluée, Nuke Gallery, Paris, France
2011 : Scope Art Fair Basel, Artaban Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
2011 : Villa UGC (solo show), Enrico Navarra, Nuke Gallery & UGC, Cannes Festival, France
2011 : Art Paris Art Fair, Enrico Navarra Gallery, Paris, France
2010 : Archichaos, curated by Julia Van Hagen – ArtStanding, Rove Project, London, UK
2010 : Summer Trees, Analix Forever, Genève, Switzerland
2010 : Even Now you can dream, Artaban Gallery, Paris, France
2010 : What Remains (solo show), Nuke Gallery, Paris, France
2010 : Art Paris Art Fair, Nuke Gallery, Paris, France
2010 : Gold Digger (solo show), Suty Gallery, Coye-la-Forêst, France
2009 : Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Enrico Navarra Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE
2009 : Slick Art Fair, Lacen Gallery, Paris, France
2009 : The Logic of French Riviera, Les Jumeaux, Ramatuelle, France
2009 : Colophon, Nuke gallery, Konschthaus beim Engel, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
2009 : Heart breakers, OFR gallery, Paris, France
2008 : Christmas Show, Lacen Gallery, Paris, France
2008 : Art Paris Abu Dhabi, Enrico Navarra Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE
2008 : Weak Show (solo show), Lacen Gallery, Paris, France
2008 : Slick Art Fair, Lacen Gallery, Paris, France
2008 : Scope Art Fair London, Lacen Gallery, London, UK
2008 : Who will cast the first stone (solo show), Nuke Gallery, Paris, France
2007 : On the Road, Pierre André Benoit Museum, Alès, France
2007 : Arménie mon ami, Artcore Gallery, Paris, France
2006 : All the art I can fit in my roller-skate case, The Living Room Gallery, Manilla, Philippines
2006 : L’art oseur, art osé , Institut Supérieur des Carrières Artistiques de Paris, Paris, France
2006 : Paximobile, M100 Art Center, Santiago, Chili