Philippe Pasqua

Bio / Philippe Pasqua

Born in 1965 in Manton, France.
Lives and works in Paris.

Philippe imposed himself as one of the major artists of his generation throughout a strikingly uncommon career.

His taste for monumental forms goes hand in hand with a fondness for the vulnerability of bodies and faces. Some of the latter bear signs that set them as outcasts. Pasqua chooses to show and magnify them through his painting, in series of portraits of transsexuals, Downs-syndrome or visually impaired people…

Handicaps, differences, obscenity or sacredness: every canvas is the fruit of a struggle between what is acceptable and “tolerated” and what is socially repressed or concealed.

One receives Philippe’s painting like a physical shock, but also like an explosive and incisive vision. The ample gestures of the artist (a dance in which brutality and subtlety, trance and lucidity alternate), determine the colossal format of his works.

A series of works on paper, the “Palimpsests”, mixing serigraphic techniques, prints and paint, in which Philippe reworks his previous paintings covering them with colourful splashes or drawing them once again.

Another important aspect of Philippe’s work is his “Vanitas” series. The technique he employs in them evokes the craft of medieval jewellers making a reliquary, but also some kind of shamanic ritual.

Over recent years, the artist often spent time in the Carrare quarries, in the Italian Alps. There he sculpts huge skulls that weigh several tonnes, like massive planets radiating with telluric power. In the foundry, he makes impressive bronze mouldings that are later dipped in chrome. Once they emerge from the molten metal bath, the human or animal skulls (such as a huge hippopotamus head) become like mirrors: at times all that is visible is the blinding light they reflect, at others, the figures seem to disappear while what they reflect draws all the attention. And as soon as one approaches them, one unfailingly encounters one’s own self-image.

Exhibitions / Philippe Pasqua


2012 : Peintures et Dessins, Art Révolution Taipei, Taiwan
2012 : Peintures récentes, Galerie RX, Paris, France

2011 : 604 Galerie, Busan, Seoul, Corée du sud
2011 : Art Paris, Galerie Strouck, Paris, France

2010 : The Storage, Saint-Ouen l’Aumône, France
2010 : Palimpsestes, Galerie Laurent Strouck, Paris, France
2010 : Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscou, Russie

2009 : Fondation Ahlers, Hanovre, Allemagne
2009 : Crâne, Art Curial, Paris, France

2007 : Pulsion, Galerie RX, Paris, France

2006 : Patrick Painter Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2006 : Spike Gallery, New-York, USA 

2005 : Centre Culturel de la ville de Metz, France

2004 : Métamorphoses, Galerie RX, Paris, France

2003 : Galerie Hengevoss Dürkop-Jensen, Hambourg, Allemagne
2003 : Lucille, Galerie RX, Paris, France

2002 : Les miroirs de l’âme (Portraits 1989-2001), Palais Bénédictine, Fécamp, France
2002 : Bloc Portrait, Galerie Hengevoss-Dürkop, Hambourg, Allemagne

2001 : Trauma, Galerie Hengevoss Dürkop-Jensen, Hambourg, Allemagne

1999 : Galerie Lucien Durand, Paris, France
1999 : La Machine à Eau, Centre d’art contemporain de Mons, Belgique

1998 : Espace Yvonamor Palix, Mexico City, Mexique

1996 : Galerie Boulakia, Paris, France

1995 : Château de Grouchy, France
1995 : Espace Dautzenberg, Bruxelles, Belgique

1995 : The International Center, Detroit, USA

1991: Galerie Woo Mang et Partners, Paris, France

1990 : Espace Confluence, Paris, France



2012 : Inauguration Galerie Laurent Strouk, Popening, Paris, France
2012 : Plaisir, Galerie RX, Paris, France
2012 : FIAC, Patrick Painter, Paris, France
2012 : Art Paris Art Fair, White Moon Gallery, Paris, France

2010 : Newera, Galerie RX, Paris, France
2010 : Pasqua – Mc Quinn, Singapour
2010 : Art Paris, Galerie RX, France

2009 : Biennale sculpture monumentale, Venise, Italie
2009 : Art Paris, Galerie RX, Paris, France
2009 : FIAC, Patrick Painter, Paris, France
2009 : FRIEZE, Patrick Painter, Londres, Grande-Bretagne

2008 : Art Paris, Galerie RX, Paris, France
2008 : FIAC, Patrick Painter, Paris, France
2008 : FRIEZE, Patrick Painter, Londres, Grande- Bretagne

2006 : Soutine and Modern Art, Chem & Read Gallery, New York, USA

2005 : Quintessence, Galerie RX, Paris, France
2005 : Galerie Hengevoss Dükop, Hambourg, Allemagne
2005 : Au-delà du corps, Biennale d’Art contemporain, Aixe-sur-Vienne, France
2005 : A3, Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris, France

2004 : Beyond Paradise, Galerie RX invitée à la Galerie Hengevoss Dürkop, Hambourg, Allemagne
2004 : ARTissima, Turin, Italie.
2004 : Galerie RX, Paris, France

2002 : Inauguration, Galerie RX, Paris, France

2001 : Face off Galerie Aeroplastics-Damasquine, Bruxelles, Belgique
2001 : 7e Biennale d’Art Contemporain d’Istanbul, Turquie

2000 : Narcisse Blessé, Passage du Retz, Paris, France
2000 : Collages d’hier et d ‘aujourd’hui, Galerie Lucien Durand-Le Gaillard, Paris, France

1999 : Fétiches, Fétichismes, Passage du Retz, Paris, France
1999 : Naço & Friends, Espace Via, Paris, France
1999 : FIAC, Paris, France
1999 : Galerie Lucien Durand-Le Gaillard, Paris, France
1999 : Art London, Stephen Lacey Gallery, Londres, Grande-Bretagne

1998 : 80 artistes autour du Mondial, Galerie Enrico Navarra, Paris, France, 
1998 : Hygiéne Espace d’Art Yvonamor Palix, Mexico & Paris, Mexique et France
1998 : Hygiéne, Fondation La Source, La Gueroulde, France
1998 : Collection Ahrenberg : 50 ans d’histoire de l’art, Musée des Beaux Arts, Mons, Belgique
1998 : ARCO, Madrid, Espagne
1998 : Moscou Art Fair, Russie
1998 : Chicago Art Fair, Etats Unis, avec l’espace d’art Yvonamor Palix
1998 : FIAC, Espace d’art Yvonamor Palix et Galerie Nathalie Seroussi, Paris, France

1997 : 3 visions de l’art contemporain français, Galerie Martini, Hong-Kong, Chine
1997 : EXPO ARTE, Guadalajarra, Espace d’art Yvonamor Palix, Mexique
1997 : FIAC, Espace d’art Yvonamor Palix, Paris, France

1994 : Association Aides, Espace Cardin, Paris, France
1994 : Chaussures d’artistes, Fondation Miro, Barcelone, Espagne

1992 : Salon des Grands et jeunes d’Aujourd’hui, Paris, France

1990 : Maison des Arts de Beausset, Beausset, France

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