U-ART assists patrons and collectors who wish to acquire a work of art that can be meaningful for their company.

Becoming a patron means successfully embodying flawless support to the artists and inventors of our time.

By contributing to the presentation of live artists and the diffusion of culture, you also seize a unique opportunity of sharing your values of prestige and modernity with each one of your collaborators. Associating your foundation’s name or your own to artists and cultural events may help contribute to an outstanding reputation.

The reason art is the favourite partner of institutional communication is because works of art have the power to radiate far beyond the walls in which they are exposed.

You have two solutions to set up a corporate sponsorship operation: First, by acquiring original works of live artists, destined to be exhibited in public or in a place accessible to the employees. 

Secondly, by making financial or material donations (in the form of a work of art for instance) to non-for-profit organizations, foundations, private or community service public organisations with an artistic or cultural vocation, museums, corporate or endowment funds.

An influential reputation and a positive image are not the only assets sponsorship can bring. You might benefit from related capped tax benefits: acquiring works by living artists and exposing them in publicly visible places might enable your company to deduct the cost of these works from its taxable income. Donations to eligible organizations may also allow tax deductions of up to 60% of their value in certain countries.

Tax benefits related to corporate sponsorship can be presented in detail by U-ART’s tax advisors. Please Write us if you require any additional information.


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Institutional sponsorship

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Sponsoring talents