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Fabien Verschaere / Rock Me Baby, Performance, Bonzini table football, Domeau & Pérès leatherwork

The Bonzini table football, covered with leather by Domeau & Pérès, is revisited by Fabien.

Fabien develops unique work. His world is full of hybrid and monstrous creatures and other fancies conceived by his unbridled imagination. His inspiration comes from the world of the circus, from folk tales, comic strips and his own fantasy-world. It appears as a vast organized chaos, somewhere between fantasy and reality. He draws his references from art history, everyday life, pop-culture and elaborates a personal mythology, a dreamlike world. He makes a humorous and personal use of childhood imagery, which he makes fun of. Watercolours, drawings, paintings, ceramic, installations and cartoons are the many techniques this artist favours. He invites the spectator to dive into a dreamlike world.